"Children are a gift from the Lord"
Psalm 127

At the Uxbridge Parish, we offer a safe environment where children can engage in enjoyable activities, fostering friendships and exploring their spirituality. Our mission is to embody God’s love as children develop trust, learn the meaning of love, and experience being loved. Through their interactions and encounters within our community, children are empowered to define these concepts in their own lives.

Junior Church
& Kingdom Kids

JC/KK provides a teaching programme on a Sunday morning for children from year 1 to year 6. All our sessions are high energy and fun, focused on nurturing children's spirituality and facilitating their exploration of the Christian faith through storytelling, crafts, games and creative-prayer. Our sessions provide a safe and open environment aimed at sparking a sense of awe and curiosity in children, encouraging them to explore their self-perception and relationships with others and the world.

Kingdom Kids

Sunday Morning 10am | St Margaret's Church Upper Room

Junior Church

Sunday Morning 10am
St Andrew's Church


Wednesday Morning, 10 - 11.30am St Margaret's Church Upper Room

We offer a delightful toddler and mums' group that provides a welcoming space for parents/carers and their children to come together, have an enjoyable time, and connect with others. Our group offers a diverse range of activities including storytelling, crafts, and singing sessions. Additionally, we provide a safe area with suitable toys and equipment where babies can freely play and explore, where babies can freely play and explore while parents have the opportunity to socialize. It's important to note that parents/carers are required to stay with and supervise their children throughout the session, ensuring a secure and engaging experience for everyone involved.

Messy Church

Last Saturday of the Month
St Margaret's Church

Messy Church offers a joyful, inclusive and interactive approach to experiencing a fresh expression of church for families with children. With a Christ-centered focus, it embraces creativity, hospitality, and celebration. On the last Saturday of each month from 4.00 – 5.30pm you can join us for an exciting gathering that includes interactive storytelling, crafts, music, and a shared hot meal. It's a wonderful opportunity to come together and learn more about Jesus creating lasting memories as we celebrate our faith as a community. All families with children are welcome including those new to Church. You do not need to book but it would be helpful to us if you fill in the registration form below either online or when you attend for the first time. For more information please contact the Church Office.


let's be happy and grow in faith together

>>> Saturday 30 Sept | 4.00 - 5.00pm

Messy Church

St Margaret's Church
windsor street,
uxbridge UB8 1AB

Every last Saturday of the month St. Margaret’s church changes its look. Crafts and different activities, prepared by experienced and committed leaders, introduce children to the Bible theme of the day. Then, an interactive and accessible celebration time takes place in the main church, with a Bible story, action songs and a creative prayer time. After saying Messy Grace together, it is time for everyone to enjoy a hot meal together. All families with children are invited and welcome to join!

Messy Church Registration Form

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Junior Church Registration Form

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Kingdom Kids Registration Form

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